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Musings of a Mad Maenad

“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.”


I post frequently and nonsensically.

I am Sister Mary Loquacious, the Satanic Nun of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl and a complete Nrrd Grrl.

This journal is friends only, because I don't like censoring myself. I post frequently (at least once a day) and narcissitically. Like all LiveJournals, this one is fraught with moping, self-absorption, rants, memes, and TMI. I am an aging goth who doesn't like The Cure or Anne Rice and isn't afraid to profess her love of Olivia Newton-John movies and 70s Sesame Street. I like to think of myself as an inclusive elitist. It's a private party but all you have to do is want to come along for the ride and you are welcome.

A good way to describe me would be that I am like an art film. No one understands me but the powers that made me, and I am chocked full of references and symbolism that most people don't want to take the time to interpret. Oh, and that whole gay cowboys eating pudding thing...

If you friend me, odds are I will friend you back.

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Dislikes:89: anal bleaching, anorexia, backstabbers, being pigeonholed, bicyclists, blonde sluts, breeders, britney spears, bullies, butt rock, children, christianity, conformity, corporate globalisation, corporate overlords, delusional wiccans, disrespect, dr. phil, fake tanning, fat haters, fennel, flip-flops, fox news, frat boy culture, george bush, global warming, hip hop, hip hugger jeans, hippies, homogenization, homophobia, hot lettuce, karl rove, kevin costner, lack of compassion, loss of habitat, mac snobs, mainstream movies, man haters, moths, obligation, old navy, pants, paris hilton, peas, people who blow their noses in restaurants, people who can't control their children, people who kill bugs, people who won't try anything new, political correctness, poop, popups, potatoes, prudishness, raw onion, reality tv, rednecks, republicans, rigid people, romantic comedies, rosemary, sandals with socks, scientology, seattle, sexism, sheeple, sore winners, soup, spyware, stupid people, stupid women, suburbs, suvs, tailgaters, tennis shoes, the gap, the religious right, the war, the word 'boobies', thieves, toby keith, tom cruise, tomatoes, trout lips, unavoidable advertising, vandals, wal-mart, willful ignorance, yuppies
adderall, adult swim, alice in wonderland, altered states, amazons, american tribal dance, anais nin, ancient architecture, ancient mysteries, ancient religions, anthropology, anti-bush, anti-christianity, appalachia, aqua teen hunger force, archaeology, archetypes, ariadne, art films, asatru, bacchus, bdsm, bees, belly dancing, bettie page, black magick, books, brian eno, british comedy, brothers quay, bugs, burlesque, catal huyuk, cernunnos, chaos magick, childfree, cocteau twins, crispin hellion glover, cryptids, cults, dark erotica, debauchery, decadance, demonology, demons, dionysus, dreams, entomology, ethereal, fae, faeries, fairy tales, feral children, filmmaking, folklore, folkloric dancing, free thought, fuck seattle, gay boys, gay rights, ghost hunting, ghosts, gothic americana, gothic folk, grand guignol, greenman, h. p. lovecraft, harlot, haunted houses, hecate, hedonism, herne, hsp, human sacrifice, hyenas, hypnagogia, insects, jack kerouac, joanna newsom, kali, kaspar hauser, kate bush, knowledge, left hand path, lilith, lizzie borden, lucifer, maenad, maenads, magick, marquis de sade, melek taus, morrigan, mother goose, ms, multiple sclerosis, muses, mythology, neil gaiman, neofolk, norse mythology, numbers stations, nursery rhymes, occult, occult technology, occultism, oddities, old hollywood, pan, paranormal phenomenon, phlebotomy, poodles, pre-christian, psychotronic film, rozz williams, sacred prostitution, satanism, satyrs, scarlet woman, sculpting, serial killers, sex, sex magick, shamanism, sigur ros, sleeping, sleeping goddess, southern gothic, spcc, spiders, supernatural, sushi, synchronicity, tattoos, thaumaturgy, the young ones, theurgy, trance, tribal belly dance, tribal dance, trogdor, voluntary simplicity, warrior, witch, witchcraft, wizard of oz, woodland park zoo, yurt, zoology